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UV Protection Film Helps To Enhance The Performance Of The Glass On The Windows

The increasing warming temperatures around the globe have led to depletion of the ozone layer. Because of this phenomenon, people are facing from many skin diseases especially due to exposure to direct UV radiation from.....Read More

Install residential window Films - To Decorate well your Home windows

Applying film is one of the most important and precautionary steps a person may take. There are varied places where one can put Film to protect oneself, like Window at home, Commercial or Residential places.....Read More

SaharaX Window Tinting Laws: A Few Useful Things to Know

Windows are a vital part of our building; so vital that on some building designs, they are the main building material. For this reason alone, there is the need to ensure you have the proper tinting done....Read More

Now Protect your Building from severe storms using Security Window Film

Property safekeeping whether home or office building is a crucial concern in any kind of property, both commercial and residential structures from formidable locks and alarm systems....Read More

Best Car Window Film To Give UV Protection Now In Malaysia

The rising temperatures globally due to melt down of snow-clad mountains have generated enormous heat and affected many regions of its ecology. Unlike any western country, the Asian countries do face heat and that too strong stroke of heat .Read More

Commercial Window Tint : The Solution You've Been Looking For

It has been quite a while since window tints have been introduced in the market and people have made good use of them. The tints are items that are very useful against heat and also provide much-needed privacy...Read More

Saharax-one of the well-renowned which confer high Quality of Security Window Film

There are many kinds of window films that have been introduced in the market. Some are used to reduce the heat that is coming inside the building. Others are used for protection against storms and some are anti-graffiti films. These films have become really popular and you will see that all commercial buildings have tinted windows....Read More

Saharax Develop A Wide Range of High Quality UV Protection Film

Residential window tinting has become an indispensable part of a home in these days. They come with a wide number of benefits which have made them incredibly popular. This window tinting is counted to be a major step in saving an ample amount of energy. These window tintings are also helpful in saving on the utility bills....Read More

Saharax's Selective car window Film - Boost Your Windows Effectiveness

Your car needs all the protection that you can give it. Whether it is against excessive heat or against crime, you need to make the best arrangements that you can. How can anyone let something damage the car that he or she bought with their hard earned money? The car not only has financial value but also has sentimental value. You must have worked hard and it must have been difficult to save money for you to finally own a car....Read More

Sahara-X - Great and Affordable Window Tinting Solution in Malaysia

Window tinting film can solve a wide range of sun related problems. It can reduce heat in a building, protect furnishings and reduce glare, Window film also enhances privacy in cars, homes and commercial properties. In order to select the best window tint Malaysia dwellers should consider a few things...Read More

Get Sahara-X's Quality Window Films to keep you & your car Safe against Sun and Heat

It is known that you love your car and we also are convinced that every man in the world has a devoted pleasure in driving his car around. Although, taking a long drive in summer usually becomes really unpleasant for almost all drivers, and not to mention the difficulty with the burning sun in your face...Read More

Get Tinted Films in Malaysia at affordable Prices from Sahara-X

Driving a car you consider all the safety options. But the biggest safety issue which people don’t consider is protection against UV radiations which can cause skin cancer. According to a research done by the American Academy of Dermatology, a direct connection was found between the greater amount of time spent in driving of a car and the higher occurrences of the left handed skin cancers...Read More

why you should prefer sahara X-tinted film than others ordinary tinted film

A long road trip to your favorite location in Malaysia can be thrilling and enjoyable. However, driving during the hot season can be uncomfortable. It is common to see some motorists and passengers use cloth or paper to shield themselves from the rays of the sun. Although these items can work fine, they can block appealing scenes along the way. Have you ever thought of a permanent and full proof solution to this problem?...Read More

Get Tint Film with Safety and Security Features with Sahara-X

Having a car is a great status symbol, and it gives good mental satisfaction. Everyone cherishes to have a nice and well furnished car. However, buying car is expensive, and maintaining a car is more expensive...Read More

SAHARA-X - Excellent & Best Quality Tinted Film Supplier in Malaysia.

While long drives over the vacation or a road trip to your long due favourite spot is very thrilling and joyous, driving during the hottest time of the year often is a killing experience due to high temperatures, especially in the afternoon. Many opt for physical paper and cloth shields which are temporary and often annoying...Read More





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