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Over time, Sahara-X will be discontinuing some of its older product series.

This is to prevent other manufacturers from unauthorized copying of our product.

This discontinued products may have performed well previously, but due to an increasing demand of high quality and functionality, this films will have to pave way for newer ones to take its place for the current window film market.

Therefore, Sahara-X has decided to discontinue some film products so that customers can enjoy better quality products in the future.

Open Discontinued
Discontinued Products
Miracle 999
Solar Energy%
Transmittance 30.2
Absorbance 41.4
Reflectance 75.5
Visible Light%
Transmittance 65
Reflective Exterior 13.9
Interior 11.2
Shading Coefficient 65
Total Solar Energy Rejected (%) 85
IR Rejected (%) 99
Construction 2ply
Nominal Thickness 2mil